Capturing Speech Day – The Story of a School

July 21, 2022

Every time we shoot at a school, we are looking for opportunities to truly capture its distinctiveness. This of course starts by listening to staff and students to find out what it is that makes the place special and then considering how we can visually represent that in film or photography.

If you only had one day in the entire academic year, at which to try and capture this essence, I’d choose speech day. It is a day when the facilities are looking their best, the whole school community is in a celebratory mood and perhaps most importantly of all, we are able to capture the culmination of the journey of that years graduating students, as they leave the school.

So while the brief was a basic highlights film, with a few pithy soundbites from the head girl and other key contributors, we set ourselves the challenge to dig a little deeper and show what it means to be a Margaretian.

It’s a story of heritage, sisterhood, faith and community and one we were delighted to be able to capture.

To discuss how to bring your schools story to life, on speech day and throughout the academic year, get in touch using the form below.